If you aren’t looking to get pregnant right now, it’s important to choose the right birth control for your lifestyle and personal circumstances. As more women learn about the IUD, an increasing number are making it their top choice for birth control.

Dr. Patricia Nevils, an experienced OB/GYN here at Vibrant Woman Health Center, helps women find the right birth control for their needs. Here are some reasons why women choose the IUD as their preferred method for preventing pregnancy.

1. IUDs are convenient

The IUD is a small, flexible device shaped like a letter T. Dr. Nevils inserts the device into your uterus, and it starts to work immediately after insertion.

Unlike other forms of birth control, you won’t need to remember to take a daily pill or use a barrier to prevent pregnancy. Your IUD continually provides protection without effort, and you can’t feel it during daily activities or sex.

2. IUDs are long lasting

If you’re not planning to get pregnant for at least a few years, the IUD offers you pregnancy prevention for a longer period of time than any other form of birth control. Depending on the type of IUD, it prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years.

It’s also easy to restore your fertility if you change your mind or want to get pregnant more quickly. You’ll be able to conceive again immediately after Dr. Nevils removes your IUD.

3. IUDs are effective

With an over 99% effectiveness rate, IUDs are as effective as you can get in preventing pregnancy without abstaining from sex. When taking typical use into account, research shows the IUD is more effective than other hormonal contraceptives such as the pill, patch, or vaginal ring.

With other forms of hormonal birth control requiring you to take a pill or change a ring or patch, it’s easy to forget one time and end up with an unplanned pregnancy. The IUD doesn’t require you to do anything further after insertion, removing the possibility for human error.

4. IUDs are available in both hormonal and hormone-free formulations

Hormonal and hormone-free IUDs are equally effective. If you can’t take or prefer not to take hormonal birth control, a copper IUD is completely hormone-free and prevents pregnancy more effectively than barrier contraception methods.

Women interested in hormonal birth control have the option of progesterone IUDs. With this type of IUD, you’ll enjoy similar benefits to other hormonal contraceptives, such as reduced menstrual flow.

5. IUDs are simple to insert

You can have an IUD placed at a simple, quick outpatient office visit. You begin by lying on a table, and Dr. Nevils conducts a pelvic exam prior to insertion. With the speculum in place, Dr. Nevils inserts the IUD into your uterus using a tube. You might experience mild cramping during the insertion. 

It’s OK to resume all daily activities, including sex, immediately after the procedure.

Stop worrying about taking a pill every day, and enjoy the convenient lifestyle the IUD offers. To schedule an appointment and learn if the IUD is the right form of contraception for you, request an appointment online or call our office in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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